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Hey, Welcome to Mine Space!

This world is big and busy. It can be hard to find a place where you learn something and genuinely feel welcome. Here, I want you to feel heard and invited to engage in the conversation at hand. Mine Space is your space.

Over Coffee

You must know that I have made an effort stop doing business as usual. You will not find an about me page here, rather, you and I will get to know each other over coffee....

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Whether you want to talk about a topic from the podcast or tips for downsizing your home, you can contact me here.


The best conversations often happen over coffee. In this podcast, we dig deep to uncover helpful insights for living life better. Each week on Mine Space Over Coffee, Melanie Scroggins will invite inspiring people with genuine stories, in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience to discuss topics like fear, motivation and adaptability, but in a way that is easy to follow and understand – like chatting with a friend at your favorite cafe.
Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 3 – Motivation
This week, we're talking about Motivation: what it is, what it looks like from different...
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Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 2 – Adaptability
This week, we're talking about Adaptability: what it is, where it came from, and how...
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Mine Space Over Coffee, BONUS Ep 1 – Whitney Full Interview
I received a lot of great feedback from my interview with Whitney. The conversation of...
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What I’m Talking About

Here at Mine Space, I don’t shy away from talking about important things.

That means something different for everyone, but to me it means talking about things that make us look inward and outward and redefine our responsibility to ourselves and others.

I talk about using our voices, finding motivation, understanding confidence, and overcoming fear, to name a few.

I hope you’ll join me and my guests each week over coffee.


Mine Space Over Coffee Episode 1 - Voice



I Have Confidence In Me
One of my favorite musicals is the Sound of Music. The most compelling aspects of the film is Maria's journey through confidence. Like us, Maria...
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5 Things to Remember for Staying Motivated
Most of us are always looking for different ways of staying motivated. With work and school and all other things that inundate our lives on...
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Adaptability: The Ability to Adjust to All Life Brings
As humans, we're adaptable by nature. In our not too far off past, our adaptability helped us to survive. To survive. Not to make ourselves...
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The Importance of Recognizing and Using Your Voice
In a world of seven billion voices, it's easy to go unheard. As strange as it sounds, we sometimes forget to listen to our own...
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Learning to Live In a Smaller Space and Embrace the Difference
One of the biggest questions full time RVers or tiny home owners get asked is how they live in a smaller space. How do you...
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Easy Ways to Reduce Household Waste and Save Money
With all the different ways to save money out there, it can be hard to find ways to easily do it yourself. I've made a...
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Whether you want to talk about a topic from the podcast or tips for downsizing your home, you can contact me here.