3 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Pursue Your Passion

3 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Pursue Your Passion

Every day a million voices call out telling you to pursue your passion.

Can I just ask… what does that even mean?!

To me, when I think of passion as its own entity, it seems ambiguous, a little aloof.

What does “passion” mean? Likewise, what does it mean to “pursue passion”?

Merriam-Webster defines passion in many ways, but the definition I’ll use here is an “intense, driving,  or overmastering feeling or conviction.” 

Wow, that clears it all up, right?

Not really. 

This week on the podcast, I’m speaking with guests Debbie and Nickie about what passion means to them and what it looks like in their individual journeys.

Both ladies described passion as butterflies in the stomach or fire in the gut; it can’t and won’t be ignored, and it won’t let you rest. It is determined to keep you up at night.

And that it looks different for all of us.

Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. 

I stopped to think of the topics I enjoy talking about or the subjects that really get my gears turning. In that moment, passion made a lot more sense to me.

After speaking with Debbie and Nickie, I kept going back to the idea that if I understand what passion is and what it looks like for me I have to act on it.

With so many areas of our lives taking our attention away from where we would rather spend our time and energy, it can be hard to simply find the time to do what we are passionate about; the things that give us those weird belly feelings.

But, if we are really passionate and really believe in what it is that makes us light up, we don’t have any excuses. We just have to make them happen.

I started to realize that I had been guilty of allowing the insecure parts of myself to override all other feelings and activities that encouraged my creative side.

I spent my time watching a lot of TV to forget most things. 

I was unhappy at my job because I’d hit a creative wall (if there ever was one). 

I distanced myself from people in my life because I didn’t have anything to talk about. I hated my job and living in the city, so what was there to say?

Through all of my thoughts and a new understanding of what passion is to me, I came up with three signs that seem to strongly indicate it’s time to pursue your passion.

1. You have the time.

Whether we want to admit it or not, there is always time in our day we could dedicate to our passion instead of The Office or Gilmore Girls.

I’m the first to say I love getting involved with a good storyline and characters, but at the end of the day, my answer to “where do I want to get to?” is the same and it does not include Netflix.

When I realized that I have plenty of time to pursue what it is I want that helps me get to my “next step,” I also realized chipping at it one day at a time is the only way achieving what I want will happen.

Yes, we have time, but there’s no way we’ll accomplish everything in one sitting. Take the time needed to complete a task then move on to the next. I’ve started keeping a planner and having my appointments on Google Calendar. A physical planner and an online calendar have helped immensely for keeping me on track.

2. You are unhappy at work or home.

This was a big red flag for me.

I had four jobs in 2016. FOUR.

Why did I have four jobs, you ask? I was miserable.

No matter what job it was, I could never find a spark that ignited a sense of purpose or productivity. Each job started and ended the same way.

3. You are purposefully distancing yourself from the people in your life.

The biggest indicator for me when I realized I wasn’t in the right place emotionally did not occur to me months after I started feeling like poop.

Stinky, wet poop.

After feeling a sense of worth and purpose again, I realized I had distanced myself from friends in my life because I felt less than.

A lot of my friends had “big people” jobs and there I was hating myself for working for meager pay at a job and a company I gave two shits about.

Ding, dong!

It was like a light that was finally turning back on. The ballast had gone bad and I had to replace it to truly understand what I was missing.

After that AHA moment, I finally understood why it was important for me to do what I wanted to do and not apologize for it.

Would I have to work hard? Yes.

Would I have to work consistently? Yes.

Would it kill me? No!

The make it or break it moment for me happened because I couldn’t ignore the inner workings of a brainchild. The thing I’d wanted to have more than anything was finally attainable; I just had to start somewhere.

A couple months into this new and improved me and I’m writing for two companies for pay, I manage this blog every week, and I’m hosting a podcast where I get to speak with amazing people!

I am gaining a sense of power and control over my life and finally at a place where the creative genius within me is getting the chance to blossom. She’s moody, and she gets distracted, but she’s motivated and dedicated to making this happen for herself.



What are you passionate about? What gives you those weird belly feelings? How are you or how are you not pursuing your passion? 


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