5 Things I Learned Through Time In The Rockies

5 Things I Learned Through Time In The Rockies

Hey everyone,


Jeremy and I took a trip out of state for a while, and we faced a harsh awakening upon arrival.


The past couple of weeks have changed the way I think about some things.


This week, I’m going to share some pictures Jeremy took along with a few lessons I learned on our travels.


1. Traveling is way more fun with someone.


While we were spying on a lone bison, we looked across the river and noticed an entire herd eating and drinking. Then, the bulls lead the way and before we knew it the giant herd was swimming over to us. This is one of my favorite stories because Jeremy and I get so animated when we tell it. If we had not been together, one, this picture would probably not have been taken, and two, the story would not have as much life.


2. You are small.

CRW_6348 edit

For almost a whole month, we were surrounded by the most beautiful mountains in the Rockies. Sometimes, our surroundings felt so large it was not surprising to find yourself feeling tiny. Relishing in our small selves allows us the space to remember just how big the Lord is and how vast his creation and wonders.


3. Don’t be afraid to say yes.

P1020837 edit

Getting into cold water is not something I do often, and when I do it is never with grace. If it had not been for my stepmom, I probably would not have built the courage to jump. Well, if you can’t tell, this picture is my “after I said yes” shot. We had a marvelous day playing in the crystal clear water, and although I would have been much dryer and warmer, saying yes was the best thing I did that day.


4. Don’t forget to look up.

01 sign and stars

At the end of each day, I was pretty exhausted, but Jeremy, being the crafty cameraman he is, took some long exposure shots that give you a glimpse of the glorious northern night sky. Away from the world, the sky is clear and endless. No matter where you are or the situation you are in, don’t forget to look up when you need inspiration.


5. Say thanks.

CRW_6750 edit

The trip was full of many twists and turns; some were exciting, some were scary, and some filled me with awe. This is one of those moments. Jeremy surprised me on my favorite hike with a question that can only be answered with “of course.” In December, I will marry the best friend, son, brother, and man I know. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.


If you have anything you’ve learned recently that you’d like to share, leave it in the comments!

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