6 Things To Put Into Storage

6 Things To Put Into Storage

Need more space?

Here are 6 things to put into storage today.



1. Unused carseats.

Did you know you can get money for these? ToysRUs and BabiesRUs will give you a discount on new gear for handing over old gear. Until you get around to that, store away these awkwardly shaped bad boys somewhere other than the spaces you occupy.

2. Stuff up for sale.

Still trying to sell that old bed, chair, or pair of shoes? Until the price is right, go ahead and put these in an offsite storage unit or the attic.

3. Seasonal Decor.

An easy way to get decorations in order is to have a separate bin for each holiday of the year. A client of mine keeps one bin for birthdays and other more frequent get togethers in her garage for ease of access, but the rest of her decorations are not on the property.

4. Keepsake CDs.

If you can’t seem to find a good enough reason to ditch that Shania Twain or BeeGee’s album, go ahead and store these guys away until you can figure out what you want to do with them.

5. Kid clothing.

Let’s face it, kids grow FAST and it is nearly impossible to keep up with all their clothing and accessories for more than a short while. Be sure to have the clothes that are actively worn on hand and store the rest.

6. Grandma’s dresser.

Antique furniture is not only beautiful, it is special. Keeping these items off site or in an attic helps to preserve the furniture’s integrity and allows more space in the home.

Tips for storing other items:

  • Put in safe easy to store box (preferably with a lid)
  • Label box
  • Put in attic or storage unit

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