When I say roommate, you say…?


Most of us have had them, and most of us could tell you the worst stories imaginable when it comes to living with other noisy, dirty humans.


Whether you’re just out of high school or in mid life looking to save a few bucks, having a roommate that is less than somewhat ideal can be tough.


We don’t always get to choose our roommates but when we do, they…


7. Like similar shows.


It ain’t no thang if someone prefers a little nature show over Stranger Things, but it creates a more solid camaraderie if you can both geek out over what the creature is the in woods and how the hell it can get from one place to another so fast!


6. Are available.

two friends

Not every roommate can act as a sit in therapist, but if you have a crappy day at work or your relationship isn’t what you want it to be your roommate can stand by you to listen when you’d rather not call mom.

And vice versa… we all got junk in the trunk sometimes and we need a little help getting it all sorted.


5. Can have fun.


One of the best roommates I have had was the stand by me type to be sure but she was always up for something. Whether it was late night ice cream runs to Sonic or trying out a new bar, she was ready for an adventure.


4. Give privacy.


There is nothing worse than needing space and being unable to find it.

Try to grab one of those rare housemates who can be in the same room and be virtually invisible. It’s an art, but it’s possible.

And for those of us who don’t enjoy the library, a roommate who knows that home is a sanctuary is invaluable.


3. Are quiet (When it matters).


When I go to bed, my place has to be silent and dark. My two biggest wishes for sleep are two of the hardest things to have when you live in the city. Find a roommate who enjoys being home and believes in the importance of GOOD sleep.

And that means, off with the lights!


2. Are prompt.

prompt clock

It can be paying rent or arriving at a shindig at your place on time (if they are otherwise disposed), but have a roommate that doesn’t leave you hanging.


1. Clean up after themselves (and sometimes you!).


We can’t all be an Alison Hendrix, but we can at least do our own damn dishes. And when it comes to roommates, and small sinks for that matter, you may want someone who will pitch in when that exam is at 7 AM.

Either way, look for someone who understands the importance of cleaning up after oneself.


What are some of your favorite or most desirable characteristics in a roommate?