About Myself

Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

Here’s a little bit about myself and what I do.

Melanie of Mine Space

In college, I became fascinated by psychology. So much so, that I got my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology in 2015.

In April of 2016, I decided to take my passion for the social sciences to the next level and receive my life coaching certification through the Life Coaching Institute of America.

This opened up many more doors for me, and shortly after, I created Mine Space, which helped individuals organize their homes and businesses.

I enjoyed helping people find functionality in their spaces, but each time I finished a project I wasn’t sure what would happen to the space. And most of the time, all we did was move stuff from one place to another and clean up.

While I find a small purpose in that kind of work, that’s not what I want to do.

I work with the knowledge that our stuff is not what’s important. We have too much of it, and instead of moving it around we need to get rid of it.

My true passion starts at the beginning.

Now, Mine Space aims to help individuals transition into, what I would call, tiny living, or living more simply.

I like ideas and talking through a problem, but the real work begins when a client can see the finished product before we’ve started working together.

See the life they imagine living.

I enjoy the responsibility of creating a personalized approach in helping you create a more simplified life that is easy to maintain. But, you must know ahead of time, downsizing is the biggest part of the work we’ll do together.

Mine Space is for the client who is ready to make a life changing decision in their life and home.

Our desire to fill space is why we have so much stuff, and I will help you figure out a system to manage your space more effectively and clear the “things” that clutter your life.

Things can be defined as: Physical, personal, and/or emotional.

My focus is concentrated on how all three interact with the individual and his/her things.

Our things have a way of integrating themselves into our lives without our conscious knowledge, and it is my job to show you how this works and create an effective long term plan for you.

I will be your coach.

Whatever potential or motivation we currently possess simply needs to be accessed.

My work with Mine Space provides a place in which you can feel secure as you make the leap to a more simplified life; as you journey into better understanding yourself and your space.