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Spring Cleaning Your Way to Sanity

This week, we are focused on spring cleaning.   Some parts of the home need a little TLC in the upcoming months so you and yours don’t feel overwhelmed by the transition that comes with the changing of the seasons.   THE CLOSET I know a lot of you were thinking don’t say it! Alas, our closets tend to need the most work during this …

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6 Ways to Stay Organized this Summer

Alright, the kids are out of school, you’re getting ready for your summer vacation or just some good ole rest…   But what are you supposed to do when the time off sinks in and you’re left with kiddos running around?   Put them to work!   I’m kidding, but there are ways you and your family can take proactive …

10 steps how to be more productive

10 Steps to a More Productive You

Do you want to be more productive?   Would you like a little more pep in your step?   Check out Mine Space’s 10 tips for being more productive at home and work!   **Click here to read Big Think’s article.** **Click here to watch Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk.**

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Let These 6 Items Change Your Life, DIY Style

When I started doing a little more research in regard to inexpensive and easy DIYs, I kept coming across ideas based on using materials from the Dollar Store.   It turns out that the store offers quite a few options when it comes to home organization and they are pocket book friendly.   FOR THE BATHROOM.   Do you struggle …

Infographic: The Paper Game - steps to organizing paper

Playing The Yearly Paper Game

Don’t let that pesky paper game get to you next year. You’ve got this! Let The Paper Game: and how to play it after tax season guide you to success. 

Rainy Day, Shoes Away

Howdy!   Here in Texas we’ve been getting some nice and much needed rain.   The rain is great for giving us some time to enjoy being at home, but it’s easier to enjoy when we know all all our wet and muddy shoes are stored properly.   When it comes to putting away shoes, following the “place it where it …