Downsizing Basics

Downsizing Basics

Downsizing Basics


What is this service?


Downsizing Basics is designed to get you started on your downsizing journey. I will help you evaluate the items and other things in your life you could live without.

Together, we will work through your home and self to come up with a plan for your downsizing journey based on your goals and needs

You will learn how to assess your relationships to your stuff, how to post and sell items online for extra money, and manage the items you choose to keep.

Getting rid of stuff that overwhelms us or doesn’t provide any value to our lives is the first step in being free from the things we own.


What does this service include?


  • Complimentary 20-minute consultation

  • Workbook: I have designed a workbook as the sister companion for our weekly chats and exercises I send you each week. You will work through this in conjunction with the other features of this package.

  • Weekly Personalized Exercises: Each week, I will send you two excersies I create based on your goals and needs.

  • 10% off all other services