Why It’s Important to Give Before You Get

Why It’s Important to Give Before You Get

No matter what time of year it is, we all have stuff we don’t need lying around the house and a task list that seems neverending.


We look forward to the holidays because they are a time in which we imagine ourselves relaxing, drinking cocoa, and unwrapping gifts.


We all know when the day comes, it rarely feels like a stress-free storybook unfolding and we end up with more stuff than we started.


When the season of getting and giving is upon us, we don’t usually think about preparing our homes and selves for what that means before the big day arrives.


Before we can truly get anything from anyone else, we must first give. 


1. Give ourselves time 

There is no need to rush to the department or grocery stores. Take your time and enjoy the singular moments – for they are the culmination of your entire life. Don’t miss them because you’re “too busy”. 

How to make it happen: set a timer on your phone for however much time you want. Label the alarm “breath” or “go for a walk” or something you know calms you down.  


2. Give ourselves space

When you practice giving yourself time and space, you will naturally feel freer – at work, at home, and even in the chaotic time with family. But it takes awareness and action.

Make an effort to go through at least one trouble spot in your home.

Trouble spot – area in your home or business where things accumulate for no rhyme or reason and always have.  

For me, this is the bathroom cabinet in our RV. We have so many little bottles of all kinds of potions and poisons (just kidding, I’ve been reading Harry Potter), and they seem to never go away. So, I’m taking some time to go through them bit by bit until we only have what we use. 

How to make it happen: Take five minutes out of your day for a week to declutter a trouble spot. If you’d rather focus on a space within yourself, set aside that time to meditate or get outside. Reminders are key!


3. Give ourselves a break

I know it can often feel like you are the only one making things run smoothly, and that may be partly true but the world will not end if you decide to take a nap or a self-care day. 

When you are rested, you are your best self. When we purposefully choose to take breaks, our entire worldview changes. Our energy is re-aligned to how we want to be and we are better for it. 

How to make it happen: Delegate tasks for the big day. Have others chip in by bringing items like drinks, cups, and plates so you don’t stress out about the little things. Allowing others to help us is a biggie when it comes to taking care of ourselves during high-stress periods of time. 


The holidays are a busy and notoriously stressful time, but you are in control on Christmas day and every other day. So, purposefully remind yourself of that when things inevitably get “loud”. 


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