Learning to Live In a Smaller Space and Embrace the Difference

Learning to Live In a Smaller Space and Embrace the Difference

One of the biggest questions full-time RVers or tiny homeowners get asked is how they live in a smaller space.


How do you fit all your stuff?

Don’t you miss all the room? 



Sure, there are things I think about that I had in a larger space.


A nice porch (well, it was a porch at least), laundry in-house, a bigger fridge, a bathtub… But I’m not sure if I miss those things or if I realize the way I live now is simply different than that lifestyle.


Not bad, just different.


The fridge is smaller, the shower is minimal, the bathroom is just big enough to do your business, you have to be creative when you organize and store things. But I’m here to say it doesn’t bother us… too much.


You’ll notice it and then you’ll embrace it.


We forget that we are very adaptable creatures and that does not exempt us from getting used to smaller spaces.


The Fridge & Pantry

The fridge has been one of the most entertaining aspects of living in a smaller space.

When we make a trip to the grocery store, we almost always end up with more than we can fit in the fridge.

We happen to have some space above the microwave, so we’ve done our best to utilize that space the best we can. We keep snacks, spices, paper towels and a fruit bowl up there since we have limited pantry space.

The rest of our condiments that don’t need to be refrigerated, grains, flour, etc have a cabinet of their own. Excess spices are placed in a cabinet above the dinette.

The Shower & Bathroom

Leaving much to be desired, our shower is just big enough to house your body. Though my husband likes to mention that if we were much larger we wouldn’t be able to shower at all.

So, let’s be grateful for that for a moment, shall we?

After the first two or so showers, it was not a thing anymore. The bathroom is still an interesting space because our toilet is higher than the floor. Jeremy just likes to remind me that this makes for a more natural bowel movement.

You win again, sir.


The Bedroom

I love our bedroom.

I don’t care that I have to crawl over the bed to get to the other side, it’s our room and the bed is still just as comfortable as it has always been.

Plus, I don’t spend any time in there during the day.

Nap? What is that?

I also welcome the challenge of keeping it clutter-free. We have one small space above a dresser and an even smaller space next to one side of the bed like a nightstand. I have three pictures up and a few assorted (very small) objects we like.



I am really impressed by how much storage Melvin (Our RV – Have you met him yet?) has.

Outside, inside, and in between, Melvin does not disappoint when it comes to storage space.

All of our big camping gear (minus our packs, which are under our bed) are underneath the RV in the exterior along with folding chairs, tools, our small vacuum…

A lot stays outside.

As far as the inside goes, we have utilized almost every square inch, within reason.

All our pots, pans, glasses, pantry items, etc are stored in the kitchen, and larger kitchen appliances live in the cabinets above the dinette.

Speaking of which, we house all of our camera equipment and assorted technology under one side of the dinette. On the other side, there is still plenty of unused space, so we took off the door for the cats. They love it.

One curious storage spot is under the couch. Our couch not only acts as another bed but the bottom panel folds down to reveal… MORE STORAGE SPACE!

Oh, Winnebago… you have my heart. We keep all our shoes under there along with a broom and Swiffer mop.

Since we’re stationary for another five months, the passenger cab is used for our trash, recycling, and extra drink holder thing.

I don’t know. I started putting extra beer and sparkling water there and it seems to work out well keeping those items out of the way.


We’re continuously learning better ways to store our stuff.

Living in a smaller home is different. It challenges us and we’re enjoying the journey with each new step.

We’re learning a lot and that’s never a bad thing.



Do you live in a smaller than “normal” home?

In what ways have you had to compromise with space or get creative?

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