Mine Space Over Coffee 2018 Preview

Mine Space Over Coffee 2018 Preview

Next Sunday, the first official episode of Mine Space Over Coffee will air for 2018. 

This year, I have guests like Heidi Hardy of Real Life Media, author & blogger Brianna Wiest, and the unparalleled Dr. Dawna Ballard of UT Austin. 



The last 10 episodes we talked about different aspects of being human and how they affect our every day lives whether we realize it or not.

This year, my focus will be to take you on a journey… a journey where we expand on those topics by bringing on new guests who have a keen eye and heart for how to put what they think and believe into practice.

meet me over coffee

They’ll be sharing insights as to how the subject at hand has played itself out in their lives and how you can be more aware to make real change in your life as well.

I’ve also decided to do something a little different.

I will no longer be producing a weekly show. Instead, I’ll be posting new episodes whenever I believe the episode has reached its full potential. Like a lot of my favorite shows I admire, I want to take the time necessary to create something unique and meaningful to you.

If you want to know what I’m up to with Mine Space on the daily, check out mine-space.org or find me on Facebook and Twitter. If you’d like to get more involved, check out Mine Space on Patreon as well.

I hope you’ll join me and my guests this year on the show… oh yeah, and don’t forget your coffee.

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