Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 1 – Voice

Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 1 – Voice

This week, we’re talking about Voice: what it is, why it matters, and what it looks like from a couple different perspectives.


Whitney - Mine Space Over Coffee Episode 1 - Voice

A few things we talk about in Episode 1:

  • Being a teenager can be awkward and facing your fear can be life changing

  • When you disagree with others, approaching them with empathy goes a long way

  • Rates of reporting sexual assault vs disclosure rates of sexual assault vary greatly

  • Despite the pervasiveness of sexual assault across the US, it has become a more widely studied topic that has aided researchers and law enforcement alike in creating new ways of measuring current statistical data

Favorite guest quotes:

“I have learned that responding with compassion, and approaching situations with curiosity and then some education can go a long way. I’m more empowered when I can respond like that instead of in anger.”


“That disconnect that comes from the letter of law and our cultural ideas of what constitute sexual assault… so you know, if it wasn’t a stranger, if you didn’t sustain an injury, you know, that somebody didn’t jump out of the bushes then it does’t actually constitute a “real sexual assault.” And that’s clearly ridiculous.”


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