Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 7 – Passion

Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 7 – Passion

This week, we’re talking about Passion: what it can look like, how others are pursuing their passions, and why it’s important for you to find yours.


Guest Spotlight Mine Space Over Coffee

Debbie - Passion

Debbie Arcangeles is a therapist for children diagnosed with autism and the host of The Offbeat Life podcast where she aims to help people Live Their Best Life and be Location Independent.

By following her passions Debbie has been able to work in a variety of industries which took her all over the world before becoming a therapist and travel podcaster.


Nickie - Passion

Nickie is a nurse practitioner and podcaster dedicated to living a life of passion. She is a strong promoter of health and an advocate for women fulfilling their potential.

After finishing her degree in Communications and International Studies in 2002, Nickie worked in tech startup, international education, and marketing before attending nursing school at the University of British Columbia. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she completed a specialty certificate in critical care before proceeding to graduate school. She earned her Masters of Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice from the University of Washington where her capstone project focused on palliative treatment for heart failure patients.

After many years of schooling, Nickie finally had time to devote to her entrepreneurial spirit. In 2017, she launched The Things She Does—a podcast devoted to women who are pursuing their passion and making it work, aiming to encourage and inspire women to pursue their passion. After completing grad school with young children at home, she understands the struggle and sacrifice of pursuing a passion, but also the incredible rewards.

Favorite guest quotes:

Do what it is that makes your heart skip a little bit or your stomach have those butterflies and just try to pursue it.


I just think, you know, you need to have something. I was talking with one girl and she was like “I don’t even know what I like anymore. ‘ And my heart just broke. You are more than a mom. Being a mom is so incredible and it is such a big part of your identity, but you are more than that. Before you were a wife before you were a mom you were a woman and you are still that woman. One day your kids are going to go to school and graduate and one day they are going to leave home and if you don’t take time to nurture and pursue yourself you’re going to be lost.



A few things we talk about in episode 7:

  • Passion doesn’t pay for itself in the beginning, so having a job that reflects your values and desires in the workplace is important for keeping your passion alive
  • If you don’t know what you’re passionate about, try everything
  • You can find the time to pursue your passion
  • It is important to establish your identity outside your spouse and kids


Links mentioned in episode 7:

The OffBeat Life

The OffBeat Trekker

The Things She Does Podcast


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