Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 8 – Gratitude

Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 8 – Gratitude

This week, we’re talking about Gratitude: being intentional with our time, acting on those feelings of gratefulness, and how gratitude can combat the negative thoughts and feelings within us.


Guest Spotlight Mine Space Over Coffee


Morgan - Gratitude

Texas native, currently residing in Bellingham, Washington. 

Sam Cooke fan and mediocre barista, in that order.


Favorite guest quote:

Practicing gratitude has this really interesting effect wherein it forces us to zoom out. We have to view life from a larger landscape sort of from above; it’s like getting a bird’s eye view – it forces you to take a really realistic inventory of what you do have, what it is you’re hoping to have.


A few things we talk about in episode 8: 

  • The unexplainable word we use for expressing thankfulness that is gratitude
  • Losing and reclaiming sight of gratitude in our lives
  • Connecting and drawing ourselves to the things that make us grateful

Links mentioned in episode 8:

Krista Tippett, On Being

Oliver Sacks, Gratitude

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