Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 10 – Authenticity

Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 10 – Authenticity

As we approach the new year, I wanted to wrap up this season with a topic that brings together everything we’ve been talking about the past couple months.

 This week, we’re talking about Authenticity: combating conformity in the modern age, the question of “why am I doing this”, embracing the challenges of approaching life as a couple, and facing your fears to unlock the pent-up potential within you.


Guest Spotlight Mine Space Over Coffee


Brooke - Authenticity


Brooke Baum is a writer, adventurer, lifetime rebel, and nomad. She runs TrailingAway.com with her husband Buddy – a blog with lots of outdoor-focused travel inspiration, as well as insights on marriage, life, and full-time RVing. Brooke is also the Assistant Editor and a regular contributor for WinnebagoLife.com, Winnebago’s lifestyle blog. 

Favorite Guest Quote:

At the end of the day, you’re the only person who has control of that. And if you feel like you are not your true self or you’re at this place where you’re combating a different version of yourself. That is something you have to work on within yourself. If there are relationships or situations that are creating a divide within you, that’s something you have to make a point to change or realize that’s going to be a problem for the rest of your life. 



A few things we talk about in episode 10:

  • What authenticity looks like in the every day 
  • Learning how to be yourself in spousal relationships
  • Making decisions based on what you want for your life 
  • There are consequences to not showing up as ourselves

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