Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 11 – Heidi Hardy

Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 11 – Heidi Hardy

This week I have Heidi Hardy on the show to talk about motherhood, the crazy journey of self-development, how religion can feel like a straightjacket, finding nourishment for our souls, and how most of the time, it’s not them it’s us.


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At Real Life Media, LLC we provide media services to small to medium-sized business, non-profit organizations and SMBs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Together with my husband, Michael, our goal is to help people and their businesses succeed so our communities prosper.

I am curious by nature, therefore, I spend a large portion of my time meeting new people, building and maintaining meaningful professional relationships and being a resource to as many people as possible. As a natural “Connector” it has been my distinct pleasure to connect others to resources that will help them meet their goals and build their dreams.

With three grown children, two adorable grandsons and a large extended family, there are no words to describe my gratitude for the abundance I experience in each day. 

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Favorite guest quote:

It’s that we were told a certain thing so our stories from the womb start to be created. If you’re brave enough to break away from those memories and those stories, which is hard because if you think about it that’s what you have. It is now the way that you behave and act and so when your pain is so great, with that pain… but when we really search and hear ourselves look at life as a victim, it’s justified. For most people, it gets down to how painful is it? Your change catalyst is really about your threshold for that in your life.


Some things we talk about in this episode: 

  • How religion plays a part in our core self-development
  • We can be our worst enemies based on what we choose to believe about ourselves
  • Realizing the pain you’re holding onto can be your motivation as your change catalyst
  • Why it’s important to walk around with a full cup
  • The work it takes to be a parent your kids deserve


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The Power of Now

Real Life Media


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