Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 3 – Motivation

Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 3 – Motivation

This week, we’re talking about Motivation: what it is, how it looks from different points of view and how not everybody has it and that’s ok.


Guest Spotlight Mine Space Over Coffee

Jen - Motivation


Parrysse - Motivation


Favorite guest quotes:

“The owner came up… he came up to me and he just went, I don’t often see 18 year old girls drinking pints of bitter. I was like, Alright, and he went, do you like cheese? I said, Yea, and he was like, Do you want a job? I was like, Yea, and he said, OK, you start on Wednesday. I was like, Oh cool I’ve got a job! and afterwards I thought, Why’d he ask if I like cheese?Do you like beer? Do you like cheese? Alright you’ve got the job.”


“I want the real stories. I want to peel back the layers and help people get really curious so they can start or continue on their own path of healing. Because, dear God, it’s exhausting work but so worth it.”



A few things we talk about in episode 3: 

  • Navigating the waters of motivation at 19

  • Learning to not settle for anything less than what you want to do

  • Motivation comes from working on oneself

  • Motivation looks different to everyone

  • Start small and slow

Links mentioned in episode 3: 


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