Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 4 – Confidence

Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 4 – Confidence

This week, we’re talking about Confidence: why some believe it is earned, the benefits of facing confidence as a team, and how following the detours life gives you can help you gain more confidence.


Guest Spotlight Mine Space Over Coffee

Erin - Confidence

Dan & Lindsay - Confidence


Favorite guest quotes: 

“I watched my mom, who is a very confident woman, but I couldn’t take her confidence and be a confident woman. I’m her daughter, but I’m not her. So I had to go my own journey.”


“I think, you know, being able to approach something as a team allows you to start achieving more than you thought you could have… you can really start to become more confident even as an individual. I think our relationship has been very instrumental in building each other up into the people we are now.”


“We balance each other out well, I think. So we might be insecure about a weakness we have, but we kind of as a team balance each other out so that weakness doesn’t ruin our confidence, it just allows the other person to step up.”


A few things we talk about in episode 4: 

  • Finding our own confidence within a culture that makes it difficult

  • Advocacy for ourselves and others

  • How team effort affects our individual confidence

  • Learning to follow the detours life presents you

Links mentioned in episode 4: 

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