Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 5 – Fear

Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 5 – Fear

This week we’re talking about Fear: what it means, what it looks like in the day to day, and how we have to face it to overcome it.

I am truly honored that the women who participated in the show this week were so transparent with me. I am inspired by their honesty and tenacity.

Also, Happy Halloween! I hope you all have a wonderful, fun, and safe holiday.


Guest Spotlight Mine Space Over Coffee

Heather - Fear

I am a homeschooling mom, living in a travel trailer full time, I have a love for binge watching when my brain needs a break and I love to read books – lots and lots of books. My favorite places are Starbucks, bookstores and museums. I am the owner of Tiptoe to Wellness, my goal is to help others become their whole selves mind, body and soul. To educate, heal and coach people on living their best lives. Currently, I am working on putting together a Chakra class and Reiki levels 1 and 2 in my academy. 


Lynn - Fear

Lynn has been on the road as a full-time RVer for nearly four years. She is currently building a Weight Loss Coaching business to help women lose weight permanently. 


Jill Sessa - Fear

A serial entrepreneur, with prior businesses in health and fitness, Pilates studios, and building web applications, Jill now travels the country speaking and exploring while she manages her website maintenance service, UltimateWPHelp, enjoying an ever changing view from the “office” window. A big fan of outsourcing and building the right team, her favorite thing to say to her fabulous clients is –

“Let me focus on my genius, so you can focus on yours.”


Favorite guest quotes: 

“I think of it as blanky. Kind of like one of those ones you see the toddlers running around with it’s just totally tattered and has ketchup and chocolate stains all over it and it keeps you safe  and warm and you just want to carry it with you everywhere you go and hide behind it.”



“I thought I was solving all my problems by just going on a new adventure… Pulling up on the lawn and staying… it’s the first time where I’ve been in this situation where I’ve actually stayed somewhere and tried to work it out. It’s such a learning process. I think the last two years have marked this transition where I stopped seeking answers everywhere around the world I could and now I’m like I see you actually have to stay and work on things. Life isn’t 100% happy all the time. It’s a balance.”



“When we have something horrible happen to us one of the things that can help us overcome it is simply being acknowledged; that it did happen to you. This is the same thing of me saying honor whatever it is you’re fearful of if it was a situation that happened,  honor that in yourself. Recognize that in yourself.”



A few things we talk about in episode 5:

  • Fear is healthy for our growth

  • We’ve got to put our fears in the backseat and realize we’re the driver

  • Running away from our fears doesn’t make them go away

  • Sometimes, our fear is misplaced worry or regret

  • Getting through fear means getting back on the horse – it’s not that we never fell off the horse, but it’s a way to recognize what happened and start to heal

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