Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 6 – Imagination

Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 6 – Imagination

This week, we’re talking about Imagination: what it looks like, what it can mean for our lives, and how to take the world that’s inside of you and share it with everyone else.


Guest Spotlight Mine Space Over Coffee


Angela - Imagination

Angela Ferrari is an artist, children’s book author/illustrator based in Portland, Maine. She is the creator and host of the Story Spectacular podcast.

Angela grew up in the mountains of western Maine. Living in a rural setting, she developed a talent for finding creative ways to play and captivate her imagination.

After graduating with a BA in studio art from the University of Maine, Angela moved to Portland. She was accepted into the Assets for Artists program which focused on business finance for creative entrepreneurs. After completing the required training, Angela received matching grant funds for working capital. She then became a successful painter.

She has since expanded her artistic endeavors, writing and illustrating three children’s books: Digger’s Daily Routine, An Extraordinary Book & What Do You See. Most recently Angela has launched Story Spectacular, a children’s story podcast. The show features original stories and classic retellings.


Favorite guest quotes:

I’m trying to connect with people more authentically. And say You know what I’ll show you my cards. I’m ok with being who I am and I’m gonna to choose to do this my way in a way that makes me feel good makes me feel happy and positive. And more times than not I”m getting that back. If I break that imagination ice because it’s in everybody; we all have it. I think not only do we all have it but that’s who we secretly are and who we secretly want to be. When we’re really pretending is when we put on that mask of I have to be adulting right now. I have to be serious. I can’t let me guard down.

I just want to talk about a peach with you!



A few things we talk about in episode 6:

  • What imagination looks like to Angela

  • How imagination has played out in her life and career

  • What imagination is to children vs adults

  • How she keeps imagination flowing in her work and daily life

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