Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 9 – Body

Mine Space Over Coffee, Episode 9 – Body

This week, we’re getting really personal and talking about the Body: the good, the bad, and the straight up ugly while learning to embrace all three.

We talk about the unrealistic expectations placed on women in many parts of the world, the beauty of enthusiastic consent, and how to love each and every part of ourselves.

Disclaimer: This week’s episode may be triggering for certain individuals. We discuss rape, eating disorders and like topics.


Guest Spotlight Mine Space Over Coffee

Chloe - Body


Chloe Pedley is the founder of Polkadotsi. Her mission in life is to teach people to eat, move, and think because they love themselves.

She is a passionate advocate of self-love and is always happy to chat about fitness, sex, and women’s issues.


Favorite guest quote:

That’s where this has come from: it started with sex; it started with talking about enthusiastic consent; it started with talking about sex positivity and all the implications of that and understanding that our bodies are these magnificent things – they are ours. And it doesn’t’ matter if it’s curvy; if it’s muscular; if its fat; if its skinny; these are still our bodies and they are beautiful.


A few things we talk about in episode 9:

  • Social constructs of beauty and how we should be, especially as women
  • Being kind to ourselves
  • Becoming allies over enemies
  • Voting with our wallets

Links mentioned in episode 9:

Chloe at Polkadotsi

A Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

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