Rainy Day, Shoes Away

Rainy Day, Shoes Away



Here in Texas we’ve been getting some nice and much needed rain.


The rain is great for giving us some time to enjoy being at home, but it’s easier to enjoy when we know all all our wet and muddy shoes are stored properly.


When it comes to putting away shoes, following the “place it where it is used the most” rule makes a world of difference in your home.


Here are some ideas on how to store even the most reckless of shoes.


  • Pegged coat rack – Source: Architecture Art Designs
    • While this may take a some time and effort to put up, the rack allows for all sizes of shoe and it is off the ground which helps with drying out the wet feet huggers. These can be installed inside or outside (or both!).

rain boot storage

  • Shower cap – Source: The Brighter Writer
    • This is a great idea for those of you who do not have an installed shoe holder or storage place. I implement the dirty laundry in grocery bag solution to soiled clothes when I travel and this idea is one in the same. Have a few shower caps on hand for any occasion: at home, travel, school, gym. This allows for easy storage of dirty and wet footwear when there aren’t many other solutions available.

shower cap shoes

  • Behind the door storage – Source: Target.com
    • This is a $25-30 quick fix to your shoe storing problems. I think behind the door storage works well in the closet but most of our shoe wearing happens and ends at our door steps. Place the rack behind your front or back door for easy use and accessibility.

over the door cltoh                OROver the door metal shoe storage

  • One box fits all – Image Source: abc.news.au 
    • Put the shoes in that box! When push comes to shove and you don’t have time to make a Target run or Google what works best for you and yours, simply have a container or box to collect all shoe pairs that your family is currently wearing at the place you usually put on and take off your shoes i.e. the front or back door, the kitchen, one box in each bedroom, etc. That way, at least you have one location where shoes are supposed to go and your aren’t running around looking for that one shoe on that important day where you can’t afford to spend any time looking.

shoes in box

  • PVC pipe rack – Source: Decorating Your Small Space 
    • This is a money efficient solution to complete shoe storage (wet/muddy/clean). The pipe provides a singular space for each pair of shoes and you can store this in an area close to a front or back door or anywhere else. PVC pipe is also easy to paint or design in any way you and your family prefer. Storage can become aesthetically pleasing for decoration, too!

PVC shoe holder

*For a tutorial, see Cookie Loves Milk