Spring Cleaning Your Way to Sanity

Spring Cleaning Your Way to Sanity

This week, we are focused on spring cleaning.


Some parts of the home need a little TLC in the upcoming months so you and yours don’t feel overwhelmed by the transition that comes with the changing of the seasons.



I know a lot of you were thinking don’t say it! Alas, our closets tend to need the most work during this time of year so that’s where we’ll start.

clothes hanging

1. Take out all your clothes.

2. Get rid of all the wire hangers and invest in the inexpensive solid plastic hangers. Your sanity will be restored a bit.

3. Begin sorting your clothing into three categories: keep and wear, keep and store, donate.

4. Hang up the keep and wear items, put away the keep and store items into bins or vacuum bags in a location that keeps them out of the way but easy to access (closet, under the bed), and place the donate items in a box to be taken out.


The bedroom is the most important space in the house.

For the parents out there, it can be hard to find quiet time for you and your spouse.

And if you are a student, studying in your room, or apartment in general, can be a bit distracting. Let’s look at a couple ways to make your spaces more quiet even if where you live is not.

For the parent:

father holding child

Go around the room and pick up all the loose toys and gadgets that might have crept in.

1. Place them in a container or box relatively out of sight.

2. Clean off the side tables next to the bed – keep only small trinkets, notepads, alarm clock or other items you think are essential to feel at peace in your room.

3. Put a clean pair of sheets on the bed (who doesn’t like doing this!).

For the student:

student writing


1. If you study in your home, find that space and take everything out of that area that does not motivate you to study (i.e. iPad, left over food/plates, your phone, etc.) and put them in another designated space.

2. Organize your studying utensils: place all writing utensils in one container, make space for your computer and a writing pad (if you don’t take notes on your computer), and make a space for you to place your coffee or water bottle.

3. Limit distractions in the surrounding area by cleaning up the floor, putting away clothes, and even eliminating wall hangings that you find distracting from your school work.


living room


We’ve all seen the houses that have their Christmas lights up all year round, on purpose or not.

Take some time to be sure that the decorations you had up for Christmas, New Years, and Easter are stored and put away. You might think this a silly tip, but you may be surprised to find a small Santa or a few Easter eggs still lying around in plain sight.


The holidays and winter season give us a good reason to cook a lot more food than we usually do.

With that said, briefly go through the cabinets or inspect the counter tops to be sure that what you used to cook the past six months is what you currently use to cook; if not, place the unused items in a cabinet or drawer for more space. 


Between fall, winter and spring allergies are on the rise. Be sure recently used pills and syrups easy to access and out of reach from the kiddos.

These items may be better suited in the kitchen or utility room.

So, be sure the previously used medications are stored and out of the way. Also consider getting new tooth brushes, cleaning out the bathtub/shower, and taking out items that are not being used.


Share your spring cleaning tips below!

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