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8 Things To Get Rid Of Right Now

8 Things To Get Rid Of Right Now

A lot of the clutter in our homes consists of items we don’t notice.


We never actually use them or have too much of the same thing.


Here are 8 things you can get rid of right now.

love letter


What about the time I graduated high school? What about when I had my first baby? While these are great memories, there are other ways to never forget i.e. pictures and other physical items. Plus, you were there! If you cannot bare to part with certain ‘thank you’s’ and ‘congratulations’s’ keep one per occasion and file them away. For the others, time to bring out the recycle bin.



Ok ladies… I’ve seen your bathrooms and I know you don’t want to open ‘that drawer’ so ease your anxiety and take a few minutes to trash all the expired makeup lurking in your bathroom, room, bag & car.



We all have them… we all loathe them each laundry cycle. Bite the bullet and chuck the socks with missing mates! Maybe they’ll find each other elsewhere someday.



We may not even notice, but there is probably expired food in the pantry and fridge that needs to be tossed. Take a few minutes to go through the freezer, fridge & all your dry goods. You might be surprised.



Why do we have an all purpose cleaner, window cleaner, counter cleaner, bathroom cleaner, counter cleaner, car cleaner etc? We only need a few of these items to get the job done. You can take your unused or slightly used chemicals to your city’s recycle and reuse program’s physical location. Here is the one for Austin.

excess of sharpies


“But I never can find one!” I can relate to this sentiment, but even taking a minute to peruse through your personal collection might make your heart skip a beat. Take your favorite few pens and pencils to one (or two) designated locations. Put one in your purse, in the car, in the kitchen, etc. And chuck or donate the rest.



Because of this “hyper-digital” age, a lot of us are watching our favorite shows and movies online. This weekend, go through your movies and books and sell them at Half Price. I had heard horror stories about not getting anything from them for books and movies my friends treasured, but I got almost $50 bucks. It might be worth it for some gas money.

plastic bags


So, I know you Austinites understand our plastic bag policy, but for those of you who still rely on the convenience of taking these guys from the store, it’s time to invest in the reusable bag. Keep some plastic bags for traveling or a pair of dirty shoes at some point, but get rid of the rest; they’re taking up space.


You may even find there are other items you can easily ditch along the way.

Happy decluttering!

DDR Your Life

DDR Your Life

When it comes to home organization, it can be hard to know where to start.


We have a lot of stuff and not enough time.


We want fast results and we want the end result to be pretty.


How about a little DDR?




This is the most important aspect of what I do.

I advertise “creating functional space where everything has a place” and I desire to find the right spot for all of your belongings, but it is important to know that organization that looks good and feels good comes more often when there is less stuff in the way.

To properly downsize, a good chunk of time is needed. When downsizing, there are a few steps:

1. Pick a space.

2. Have three boxes and a trash bag handy, label the boxes: Donate, Sell, Relocate

3. Go through every item in the space: pick it up, hold it, and decide if you want to donate, sell, relocate, or trash the item.

4. Do this with each space in your home you wish to work on.

While this may seem more like organizing, it is much easier to downsize while categorizing than having to go back through each item at a later time.

Application: We have a lot going on. We have kids to feed, appointments to make, phone calls to take, and not enough time in the day. Take a moment to note the most important tasks for the week: “make this appointment”, “call this person”, and schedule “To Do” for each day to spread out your work load.




Now that we have more room to work, it’s time to figure out trouble spots in the home.

One of the easiest ways to determine if an area in your home is a trouble spot is to notice any space that may be visible after downsizing.

You can also walk around your house with a pen and paper to make notes about places you notice that have no defining purpose. A defining purpose can be described as an area that has one function.

Q: Does this area have a defining purpose? 

Yes: Like items are in this area, each item has a designated home

No: Random items are placed together, I put items here when I don’t know what to do with them

If you determine that the area DOES NOT have a defining purpose, make a note and work in this area after your home tour using the mini DDR method. (i.e. go through each item and decide what to do with it right then and there, keep like items in this space and find homes for the other items)

Application: Whether its the random assortment of things in your car console or apps you never use, take a few minutes to consciously get rid of some clutter in your life.




Redesign is my favorite aspect of the Mine Space process.

It is one thing to move an item to a different part of the house, but we don’t often go through our spaces in depth.

Redesigning a space is simply allowing the space to be created organically and figuring out its function. The function of the space may not make itself known until this phase.

The relocation box is attended to at this time until all items are gone through and each one is either donated or given a new home.

We need to know there will be space for the item, and since we have already determined we want to keep it, we know we aren’t just adding more clutter to the house.

Application: Maybe there’s a workout routine you’d like to start or maybe you’d like to make  more meals at home. Whatever your weekly subgoals may be, take note of them this week and watch your productivity soar.


If you have any questions or concerns about your space, please leave a comment below or email me directly.


7 Items To Find A Home For This Weekend And Beyond

7 Items To Find A Home For This Weekend And Beyond

I just had it!


If you catch yourself thinking or saying this aloud, you are not alone.


We are notorious for misplacing that one item we swear we just used.


Using three basic techniques, we can find homes for every item in our homes:


  1. Like with like

  2. Consistency

  3. Permanent placement

keys hanging



We’ve all lost these darn things so many times, if not on a daily basis.

Command hooks or a tack by the door you frequently enter and exit through is a good place to start.

If you don’t like command hooks, you can screw in a metal wall hook or get creative with something else.

You can buy command hooks for a dollar at the Dollar Tree and wall mounted hooks are sold at Walmart and Target.


phone charging



I know most of us have at least two of these for the purpose of being more likely to find one when needed, but let’s discuss home options for these chorded critters.

If you…

Charge your phone next to your bed, keep it there.

Find your phone usually has low battery when you are on your way to work, it may be time to invest in a car charger if you don’t have one.

Travel more often than not, it would be in your best interest to carry one in your work bag permanently, too.

Like to have your phone and charger secure, you can make your own “charging station.”

And if you are on the go, an unused glasses case works great for storing a charger and head phones.

cat licking



I have a big fluffy cat that I love.

She is my precious girl but she is also an unbearably fluffy kitty that sheds nonstop.

Whether you have a cat or a dog, pet hair ends up in places we never thought it could. Under the bed and couch, behind (and on) the TV, and especially on our clothes.

The lint roller is a small sticky gift that is easy to misplace. I found two jumbo rolls for a deal somewhere (Target, maybe?) and since then I keep one in my car (this can be placed in your middle console, side storage in the car, etc.) and in my bathroom for the house.

The mini lint rollers are great to have on the go, so stick one in your purse, too!

three mailboxes



When I say mail, I don’t mean the enormous amount of coupons that come to us, I mean the important documents they are still sending via mail like bills, notices, discount deals at our favorite stores, etc.

I have started trying to deal with mail right after I get it, but sometimes this is not the most timely task.

I like this tutorial from craftandrepeat. They use plastic formula containers, but this could also be done with empty plastic coffee containers.

Just be sure to hang or place this where you deal with your mail and label the container with the items they should contain.




“I have a billion of these everywhere!”

Most people do, but it becomes difficult to find a working pen when it’s needed.

I recently went through all my old pens and pencils and threw away/donated most of them. I kept my favorite working writing utensils and put most of them right on my desk, but I also have a couple pens in a glass jar near my front door, in the console of my car, my work bag, and my purse.

You never know when you or a friend may need a pen.

TV with books



One of the biggest turn offs for relaxation has got to be when the remote is M.I.A.

Side tables are great for remote storage, but we usually have more than one person in our homes using the same TV and the remote tends to disappear.

Wooden jewelry boxes are a stylish storage option that can be placed in the TV console area or on a side table. If you are crafty, you can make your own remote holder for the arm of the couch or buy one at Walmart for $7.

man holding sunglasses



For summer in Texas, having our sunglasses with us on the lake, in the river, or on that commute from work is a necessity, so why are they so easy to lose?

Keeping a pair in your car console or on the dash is the way to go, but that can be hard to remember.

Like with keys, installing a small metal rack or placing a command hook on the wall is an easy fix to a frustrating problem. For the DIY er, here is a cute and fun project for storing all the family’s shades.

6 Ways to Stay Organized this Summer

6 Ways to Stay Organized this Summer

Alright, the kids are out of school, you’re getting ready for your summer vacation or just some good ole rest…


But what are you supposed to do when the time off sinks in and you’re left with kiddos running around?


Put them to work!


I’m kidding, but there are ways you and your family can take proactive steps to being sure your home does not suffer from all of the activity.


to do list


1. Make a weekly chore list.


Whether you have kids or not, this is a great way to stay on track during the summer months.

Create monthly goals and set aside tasks for each week to meet those goals.

If it is easier, break the monthly goals into weekly goals. Delegate these tasks to members of your family.

It will give your kids less time to nag and it’ll provide you something to do when you would rather sit and do nothing (like the rest of us!).


cutting board with veggies


2. Plan out your meals.


We hear this all the time, but we are bound to save money as well as time if we take a moment to figure out a few meals for the week.

You don’t have to stick to them, but have the ingredients so you are more likely to eat in.


making a plan

3. Get on a schedule.


Whether you get up and surf the web for a couple hours each morning, come up with a routine for summer if it differs from your normal routine.

It will help you complete all the other tasks you need to get done for the week and the following months.




4. Create space.


Summer is a time where clutter creeps in and normal organization systems fall to the wayside.

Be aware of items that show up that may no longer be useful in the home.

Do you have an old swimsuit that no longer fits?

What about that pair of flip flops you hoped to wear on that one vacation but never did?

Have a place where your family can put their old clothes, shoes, toys, whatever and add that to your weekly/monthly chore list. You’ll be amazed at the newly found space.


black and white clock


5. Stick to the 24 hour rule.


When the day is done, have your family put up their phones and complete a full sweep of the house: communal living spaces (kitchen, living room, bathroom), bedrooms, etc.

Be sure that items used during the day are in their proper places.

Wake up in a home where clean up was done the night before.


coffee cup mug and pillows


6. Relocate.


I spend quite a bit of time helping clients relocate items based on use.

This summer, pay attention to where certain items are used the most.

I think this is a seasonal endeavor, so what we use in summer is different than what we use in winter.

If a space has accumulated clutter recently, go through those items and take a second to think of where each item is used the most for that part of the year. Put it there!

Let These 6 Items Change Your Life, DIY Style
Great solution to toothbrush storage

Let These 6 Items Change Your Life, DIY Style

When I started doing a little more research in regard to inexpensive and easy DIYs, I kept coming across ideas based on using materials from the Dollar Store.


It turns out that the store offers quite a few options when it comes to home organization and they are pocket book friendly.





Do you struggle with where to put the toothbrushes in the bathroom?

Use a plastic silverware storage container. Not only is this a great solution to getting the brushes off the counter, but you can write everyone’s name on the plastic!


rolled towels


Some of us don’t have good storage in our bathrooms, so and idea like hanging baskets on the wall to hold towels is just the sort of solution we need.





I don’t know about you, but I always seem to be losing that one earring.

Use ice trays to keep all your small jewelry pieces together and in one place.

Source:  yesterdayontuesday





Why is it that we tend to have way more spices than anything else in the kitchen?

Try this easy DIY with plastic containers and magnets.

Keep all your spices on the side of the fridge and free up the counter and cabinet space for something else.




pink pony


I know parents have a hard time between balancing play and tidiness.

Plastic crates from the Dollar Store not only create an easy way to get the toys and games off the floor, but they’re attachable!

You can easily put them together to make a storage shelf as small or big as you would like.




car organization


One of the toughest places to keep clutter free is the car.

Use a small shoe organizer over one  of the seats to create a space to keep all of the main items used in the car: wipes, kleenex, lotion, toys, trash bag, etc.


Rainy Day, Shoes Away

Rainy Day, Shoes Away



Here in Texas we’ve been getting some nice and much needed rain.


The rain is great for giving us some time to enjoy being at home, but it’s easier to enjoy when we know all all our wet and muddy shoes are stored properly.


When it comes to putting away shoes, following the “place it where it is used the most” rule makes a world of difference in your home.


Here are some ideas on how to store even the most reckless of shoes.


  • Pegged coat rack – Source: Architecture Art Designs
    • While this may take a some time and effort to put up, the rack allows for all sizes of shoe and it is off the ground which helps with drying out the wet feet huggers. These can be installed inside or outside (or both!).

rain boot storage

  • Shower cap – Source: The Brighter Writer
    • This is a great idea for those of you who do not have an installed shoe holder or storage place. I implement the dirty laundry in grocery bag solution to soiled clothes when I travel and this idea is one in the same. Have a few shower caps on hand for any occasion: at home, travel, school, gym. This allows for easy storage of dirty and wet footwear when there aren’t many other solutions available.

shower cap shoes

  • Behind the door storage – Source: Target.com
    • This is a $25-30 quick fix to your shoe storing problems. I think behind the door storage works well in the closet but most of our shoe wearing happens and ends at our door steps. Place the rack behind your front or back door for easy use and accessibility.

over the door cltoh                OROver the door metal shoe storage

  • One box fits all – Image Source: abc.news.au 
    • Put the shoes in that box! When push comes to shove and you don’t have time to make a Target run or Google what works best for you and yours, simply have a container or box to collect all shoe pairs that your family is currently wearing at the place you usually put on and take off your shoes i.e. the front or back door, the kitchen, one box in each bedroom, etc. That way, at least you have one location where shoes are supposed to go and your aren’t running around looking for that one shoe on that important day where you can’t afford to spend any time looking.

shoes in box

  • PVC pipe rack – Source: Decorating Your Small Space 
    • This is a money efficient solution to complete shoe storage (wet/muddy/clean). The pipe provides a singular space for each pair of shoes and you can store this in an area close to a front or back door or anywhere else. PVC pipe is also easy to paint or design in any way you and your family prefer. Storage can become aesthetically pleasing for decoration, too!

PVC shoe holder

*For a tutorial, see Cookie Loves Milk