Transitional Spaces 101

Transitional Spaces 101

Today, we’re going to do something a little different.


I recently completed a task with a client that I have fallen in love with.


Partially, because I enjoy the idea of “transitional spaces” and partly because this idea has come up a couple times while doing Mine Space.


She described it as wanting “visual separation” of the spaces.


My client wanted to create a separation between her garage and a connecting room her family uses for storage and hosting parties.


Originally, I thought we would make a really nice division between the spaces using galvanized pipe.


But, I quickly learned this would have be a more expensive and difficult task to undertake.


So, we did this instead:  Curtains hung with electrical conduit


Supplies & Cost:

10 ft electrical conduit pipe ~ $6.50

Closet pole flange set ~ $6

Window elements dover linen grommet curtain panel pair (2) $30/ea

Total: ~$73


Equipment needed:

Reciprocating saw (if necessary)




1 ) The pipe we bought was 10 ft, so we first had to use the reciprocating saw to cut the pipe down to 9 ft

NOTE: Be sure to measure the distance from wall to wall and then the pipe at least twice

2) Find the studs and mark them

3) Measure from ceiling to desired spot for installation

4) Install closet pole flange set on either side using the drill

5) Make sure the pipe is the right size

6) Once the pipe fits, place the curtains on the pipe








Now, her storage is hidden by some beautiful and inexpensive curtains and the rest of the space can be used for parties, relaxation, and yoga.

All for under $100!


Share your fun and affordable DIY projects!


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