Why We Should Treat Every Day Like the New Year

Why We Should Treat Every Day Like the New Year

A new year symbolizes different things for each of us. 

For some of us, a new year gives us the inspiration to lose weight; to call family more often; to finally clean out the closet. 

What happens every year when it comes to our New Year’s resolutions without fail? 

Burn out. 

My goal is to go to the gym, so I sign up for a year and bust out five days and… quit. 

I make a plan to call at least one family member a week but then I think “well, this is easy, I can do this every day”. One week goes by and I can’t take the drama so I… quit. 

I take one step into my closet, trash bag in hand, overwhelmed by all the hangers and sweaters on the hangers all askew and I… quit. 

It’s not for a lack of trying. We don’t begin something new with the idea of failing. If anything, it’s the self-convincing that we can and will (by God!) do all of the things we set our minds to. 

But we forget about the other things that fill our day. 

The kids need to go to school, the laundry needs to be done, that eight hour work day can’t work itself. And so, any other plans we have for our everyday fall by the wayside. 

Don’t worry, there’s always another year.

In the United States and Japan, being late for an appointment is basis for exile (joking), while in many Mediterranean countries tardiness is considered normal.

Likewise, the US has fast food, instant coffee, grocery delivery services and clocks that keep us in check if the lady at Starbucks is taking too long.

Did you know that we did not establish “time” as we know it in the US until the late 1880’s? You may be wondering, what did we do before that? How did we survive?

A sense of being somewhere or completing a task fell on the shoulders of the individual or town. There weren’t any pocket watches yet. The railroad hadn’t been established so there was no need to know when someone was coming in or when someone needed to depart. If it was 3 PM in one town it didn’t matter that it was 3:05 PM in another town.

Life didn’t have as many moving parts.

In modern day, we have time to remind us of our mortal lives every waking second: clock, computer, microwave, watch, phone, tablet, TV…

And all the while, we fall in line. We have allowed time to be our daily dictator. 

What is it about a new year that matters so much to us?

The 365 days that make up that new year. The 365 days we use to catalog our time.

That begs the question, what is it about time we find so important? I don’t mean sheer existence, I mean the tick ticking of the clock every second every day.

Thinking of time shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. Keeping track of time is useful for many different reasons. But what if it has become our master – our keeper?

What if the main reason why we fall flat on our goals each year is that we feel as if we are being held hostage by time?

Just imagine for a second that you completed all of the New Year’s resolutions you had in the past. What does your life look like?

I think it’s time to start a new trend. A resolution revolution.

Each and every day make up the collective 365 days in the year as we see it. There is nothing wrong with that, but I think if we start to see each new year and each day differently we can be the game changers in our lives.

For those of you looking for real change in your lives when it comes to downsizing your home or creating a new game plan for thinking about your spaces, I have something just for you.

January of 2018, I will be launching my first ever service packages.

That’s right, I’ll be open for business!

I have spent the last nine months designing a program for individuals who are ready to take their journey of simplicity to the next level. In the time we live in, that starts in our homes.

We have too much stuff and it’s taking over our lives whether we realize it or not.

I will teach you about the different kinds of relationships we have with our stuff, how to approach getting rid of things for good, the hold consumerism has over us, and of course, minimalism. We will cover a lot of different topics and I will create personalized action items to help you start seeing changes right away.

Why am I doing this?

I believe the average person doesn’t truly desire materialistic things – I believe we all want a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. But I also believe that starts with stripping away all the physical things that take up space in our immediate environments.

I want to be that inspiration for you.

I want to educate, empower, and encourage you to make the hard decisions and do the difficult work yourselves. But I also want to be your cheerleader – an objective party you can use as a soundboard for how you are thinking and feeling.

This is not easy work but it can change your life. I will teach you skills and challenge you to put in the energy to accomplish your goals. That way, when you are faced with other obstacles when it comes to your living and business spaces in the future, you are equipped to face them. 


So, what ideas do you have for your new resolution revolution?

If you are ready to embark on this journey, contact me today and we’ll get started. 


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